Salsomaggiore and surroundings

Salsomaggiore Terme is located at the foot of the green hills of Parma, 160 meters above sea level, in a charming and picturesque location, away from industrial areas and surrounded by Castles of Scipione,Bargone and Tabiano. It ‘s the ideal place for a holiday dedicated to the welfare and tranquility. During leisure, you can enjoy walking and hiking in the surrounding area, visit the “Stirone” river park, the “Gavinell” botanical garden, fossil museum, or one of the many castles of the Duchy.

le Terme: Terme Salsomaggiore was known for its water salsoiodiche already at the time of the Celts and Romans, who used them to extract the salt. His history of the spa town, however, started in 1839 with the discovery of the therapeutic properties of the waters by the physician Lorenzo Berzieri. The natural treasure with high mineralization that flows from wells Salsomaggiore is indicated for the prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory processes involving the various diseases of the body, from those of a rheumatic to gynecological, from the peripheral circulation to the treatment of cellulite. Today, Salsomaggiore Terme, counts two spas: the Wellness Center “Terme L. Berzieri “and the Baths” L. Zoya “in addition to the nursing home for functional rehabilitation,” Villa Igea”. The Tabiano spa was discovered by the Duchess of Parma Maria Luigia of Austra Napoleon’s second wife, but have been known since antiquity of, are characterized by a highly sulphurous water that was far from 800 used for different types of pathology, disease, skin disorders and gynecological breathing. Especially effective for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the bronchi, ear, nose and throat. Tabiano is 4 km from Salsomaggiore.
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